Since my childhood I've always had a passion for jewelry. Four years ago I made a big change in my life when I closed my business (children’s camping program) and began to pursue my dream and study jewelry making and design.

During the past four years I have studied with David Butler, trained with the goldsmiths at the Jewelry Arts Institute and learned the art of wax model making with Fred de Vos.

My designs are rich and bold. My inspirations are many. Textures are my signature and my interpretations are derived primarily from nature as well as the many other shapes and textures I encounter in my daily life.

I find it personally appealing when the jewelry worn fits the individual in such a seamless way that it complements the person's mood or personality - be it low-key or flamboyant.

I love using different metals and often combine metals on one piece.  One of my favorite pastimes is tinkering with developing new textures. Most of my designs are initially executed in Wax.